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Med Funding Hub is Medical Marketplace for Workers Comp Medical Funding/A/R Sale

We enable any type Workers Comp. Medical provider to receive the best rates possible for their A/R in any state and for any treatment!

Our bidding process is the fastest in the market and we require very minimal of information from the provider in order to get immediate offers for purchase/funding.

We specialize in: Workers Comp. Approved/Denied Claims, Defense/MPN and Applicant/Claimant Liens, We fund long aged receivables (10 Years+) and new receivables including forward Funding.

All of our transactions are Non-Recourse and in addition to full one time A/R sale we provide hybrid options with a share of collection side from Buyer.

We help providers to convert their data A/R report to a bidding format.

Medical Providers can use the funds from A/R bulk Sale or Ongoing funding for business Expansion and improved cash flow.

Med Funding Hub provide exclusive capital and numerous funding sources and specifically match provider needs and receivables, in order to get quick and highest rates of return on A/R

Our marketplace is 100% Free with No Contract or any Commitment.

We provide Secure – Confidential – HIPAA Compliant Marketplace.

Workers Compensation Funding – FAQ

Worker Compensation A/R funding not only relieves the financial burden of the medical professional, but it also gives victims of workplace accidents a better chance of getting the care they need. Med Funding Hub Lien marketplace offer medical providers a complete range of financing solutions for Workers Comp. healthcare funding services.

We Fund and facilitate the purchase of any Workers Comp A/R, Approved or Denied Cases, Authorized/Unauthorized, Defense or Claimant claim up to 10 years of Aged A/R!

We handle any Workers Comp Lien fees and provide great referral for any provider who can refer other providers who need funding for their workers comp A/R!

We offer flexible A/R Purchase and Funding options. We have helped hundreds of providers to receive Workers Comp. Funding for their practice expansion and growth!

One of the greatest challenges for companies in the health care industry is the length of time it takes to get a claim paid. Unfortunately, few medical claims are paid quickly. Instead, most medical insurance claim payment can take from 30 days up to 24-36 months or longer! This delay can create cash flow problems for providers because only a few can afford to wait that long for payment.

On the business side of the healthcare industry, the greatest challenge is waiting for payments of claims. Most medical insurance claims take a few months to be paid. This delay causes a cash flow problem for providers, and few can wait that long for payment.

Cash flow problems affect healthcare business of any size, but it has a more significant effect on newer companies and those that are expanding quickly.