Access to Medical Account Receivable
Collection & Settelment is Difficult

High Collection expenses High
insurance denial rates & limited
availability of capital Medical
Underwriting & A/R Analysis Expertise

required A/R Collection and Urgent cash
needs Great Investment Opportunities
The Med Funding Hub Medical Funding Marketplace Solution



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Providers cash flow is constrained by Insurance company due to long payment delay and high denial rate, so he turned to Med Funding Hub.

Medical Providers bill the workers compensation insurance companies
on a WC case, or Bill under a personal injury lien/LOP with an
Attorney on a personal Injury case, Provider incur collection expenses
& dimisnihed lack of cash flow over time!

Medical Providers are in need of immediate Capital for ongoing
operations,growth, and business expansion.

Provider submit their funding requests to Med Funding Hub so they
can quickly receive Immediate funding against their A/R and potentially
receive a share of the collection profits.

Every A/R request is reviewed and scored by MFH’s experienced team of
Medical Collection and Analysis experts! Medical Provider A/R funding file
and score is considered to have strong merits and Good collection potential,
and then the investment opportunity is posted on Med Funding Hub for
investors to review.

Accredited investors review provider funding request file details with
estimated Investment returns and decide how much they would like to invest
through a private investment fund which is formed by the managing members
for each investment opportunity.

If Medical Provider choose to sell his receivables to Med Funding Hub, he
does not have to pay investors after the transaction is completed (Non
Recourse Transaction). Med Funding Hub investors will receive a portion
of the proceeds from their ownership in the A/R whether the transaction is
a One time full A/R purchase or a Hybrid funding model of a partial upfront
payment and a share of the collection profits.

After the Provider receivables are sold or funded – Med Funding Hub investors
will start collecting their share of the collection on the Provider A/R. Med
Funding Hub has implemented sophisticated and optimized collection tracking
system and ROI predictability with over years of experience to maximize profits
from long term medical claims.

Provider would receive optimal market demand pricing offers for his A/R and in
exchange MFH will support Provider immediate cash flow needs and future of
collection. Med Funding Hub decrease the general investment risk in long term
medical claims & future A/R collection from A/R based on proven analysis system
of such medical claims

The progress of the case is monitored By Med Funding Hub online Management
system and enables investors to follow A/R collection activity and profits
distribution for investors and any provider share in the recovery profits of
A/R with great ROI returns/IRR% for investors.

*The foregoing is a summary prepared for informational purposes only and is qualified in its entirety by the offering documents for each securities offering get started